The Mermaids Child

Malin has always felt different. With a dreamer for a father and an absent mother, who is, by his account, a mermaid, it could hardly be otherwise. It is only when a stranger comes to her isolated village that Malin's choice at last becomes clear: stay, and never feel at home, or leave and go in search of the fantastical inheritance that has, until now, seemed completely out of reach.



'This is a world which might have been ours had history worked out differently: a place of famine-blasted countryside and filthy towns, strange oceans and deserts, populated by the outcast and eccentric, the cunning and desperate. And yes, by mermaids too - possibly; there is a certain unreliability about our protagonist, Malin Reed, whose alleged exotic lineage is just one of the marvels found here.'  Books Quarterly


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